With a brand new year having just begun (Happy New Year!) and all its possibilities for love, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many of us singles are beginning to think about that question again… what does God have in store for me in the romantic love… View Post

  2017 has been iconic! Thank you so much for following the journey. I really hope my story this year, and any God-given successes you’ve seen throughout it, have inspired you to pursue your dreams, too – that’s the reason I share my story with you guys! Above all, God’s… View Post

(this pic = me trying to look slyly interrogative) 😉   In 16 days, your girl will be celebrating her 21st birthday! Adulthood is officially going to begin! And this post also marks this journal’s first birthday, my first post having been written a year ago. It’s crazy to believe… View Post