(this pic = me trying to look slyly interrogative) 😉   In 16 days, your girl will be celebrating her 21st birthday! Adulthood is officially going to begin! And this post also marks this journal’s first birthday, my first post having been written a year ago. It’s crazy to believe… View Post

      Oh, August. Where to begin?! First thing to mention: I’m writing this post sitting on my bed in my new room in Paris, France! I moved here two days ago, and — praise God — am already feeling so at home. I’ll partly remember August 2017 as… View Post

    July 2017 has been such an incredible month. This month I’ve loved how God’s been teaching me lessons in three key areas of life— dreams, our relationship with Him, and the keys to any future romantic relationship. I wanted to be honest about what I’ve learnt, in the… View Post

    This month’s post is super special for me. As all those who follow me on social media probably know by now, June has been the final month in an 11-month process of writing a book. My debut book, a poetry collection of 100 self-care poems and affirmative notes… View Post

    She recently swanned onto my Instagram featured in my Mothers’ Day post looking flawless as ever, and casually broke the record for the number of likes I’ve ever received on an Instagram post — just, you know, casually. I’ve been trying to get the same number of likes since… View Post