This month’s post is super special for me. As all those who follow me on social media probably know by now, June has been the final month in an 11-month process of writing a book. My debut book, a poetry collection of 100 self-care poems and affirmative notes… View Post

    She recently swanned onto my Instagram featured in my Mothers’ Day post looking flawless as ever, and casually broke the record for the number of likes I’ve ever received on an Instagram post — just, you know, casually. I’ve been trying to get the same number of likes since… View Post

  April has been full of beautiful learning curves. They have been rapid, but they’ve been beautiful, and at one point it felt like a learning curve a week! This was the month the Lord took to begin teaching me the arts of leadership and surrender. I pray what I’ve… View Post

    I was unsure as to whether to title this post ‘The Ride of your Life’ or ‘The Adventure of a Lifetime’. A lot of my posts’ feature photos are taken while travelling and these ones I took while on safari in Tanzania. Looking back at them, and planning this post, I… View Post

  I can’t stop grinning. February 2017 is almost over. We’re 1/6th of the way through 2017… it’s CRAZY! So far it’s been a BLAST. God is doing things I could never have imagined, teaching me lessons I could never have learnt without His loving guidance. If I journaled everything I’ve… View Post